The Troy Strawberry Festival Soccer Invitational was first held in 1998.  The original tournament was hosted at Archer, Duke and Ferguson parks.  John Permenter is credited with coming up with the idea to host the tournament after being frustrated with the number of organizations going door to door selling candy and similar products.  He felt a tournament could serve as a fund raiser for the local soccer clubs.

He and several members of the Troy High School Soccer Parents and Troy Soccer Club formed a committee and organized the event.  Through the years, the tournament has been led by several individuals including Richard Phillips, Pete Schreiner, Kim Jump, John Kingham and David Pappas.  Regardless of who has run the tournament, the mission has remained constant through the years.

For the first nine years, the tournament was hosted in June, two weekends after the Labor Day weekend (and one weekend after the Creek Tournament).  Starting in 2007, the tournament was hosted one week before the holiday weekend.  The date of the tournament was changed in response to the diminishing number of teams interested in participating in summer tournaments.

The tournament prides itself on being a ‘mid-tier’ tournament, focusing on teams which would commonly not be competitive against elite teams.  Commonly, the tournament draws the second and third team from large clubs looking for a regional tournament which offers the opportunity to play against well matched teams.

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