Thank you for your interest in the Strawberry Soccer Invitational.  One of the oldest tournaments in Ohio, the Invitational has been successfully hosted since 1998.  We’ve grown in many ways throughout those 21 years, but we believe we have maintained the core principle of offering competitive games for mid-tier teams throughout the region.

This year’s Strawberry Soccer Invitational will be hosted May 18, 19 and 20 in Miami county just north of Dayton Ohio.  We offer a variety of competitive levels of play for both boys and girls ages 8 through 19.  Teams from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan participate each year.  Centrally located – Miami County is 90 minutes from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Columbus and less than two hours from Toledo.

For the convenience of our team managers and coaches, we offer email registration.  All games are played at six different sites all within 15 minutes of each other.  We support both the USYSA Passback and Fairplay programs.

Have questions? Contact us on our tournament website.


Thank You

All of us on the Strawberry Soccer Invitational Committee thank you for participating in our event. Saturday was brisk, but Sunday was a perfect day for soccer. While some of our players experienced injuries, we were blessed with a lower number of injuries than normal.

Congratulations to all 49 division champions and finalists. We hope to post a few photos from the different awards presentations from this year. We experiment with different awards each year – but we may need to keep this year’s design based on the almost unanimously positive feedback we received at the awards stand. If you have a photo of your child wearing this year’s award, we’d love to see it posted here.

Later today we will meet to draw the winner of the Ashley Plumb Sportsmanship Gift Certificate from Soccer Plus and will recognize the winner here.

Thanks also to all of you who brought in gently used soccer gear and equipment for our USYSA Passback program. We’ll spend the next few days organizing everything that was dropped off at our sites before distribution.

We enjoyed seeing all of the teams play this weekend and hope to see you again next year. Enjoy the re

Troy Traffic

The city of Troy recently added a generous bike lane to Adams Street connecting several bike paths that exist within the city.  It’s good for bicyclists – but it will impact your travels if you play in Troy.

Team with games at Archer and Ferguson will be impacted the most.  Those of you turning left out of the Junior High Complex will not enjoy your compatriots leaving Archer Park heading into town.  It may be very challenging to turn left there.  We are encouraging everyone to leverage the ‘power of the right turn’.

Turning right out of the Junior High School, you can:

  1. Two rights on to Adams Street and Foss Way  and then left on North Market Street to go North to Pitsenbarger Park in Piqua
  2. Three rights on to Adams Street, Foss Way and Market Street to go South to both Kyle and Pleasant Hill
  3. Four rights on to Adams Street, Foss Way. Market Street and Staunton/Riverside to go to Duke Park
  4. One right on to Adams Street and then left into Archer Park

The same holds true for those of you departing from Archer Park as well.



Looping in the Crowd

As we approach the tournament weekend we receive a large number of inquiries regarding a number of subjects including registration, apparel, the schedule and events unfolding tournament weekend.  Our traditional approach is to answer these one-off questions with a direct response to the individual.  While sufficient, we miss the opportunity to bring awareness and educate the broader audience on that subject.  In the interest of improving communications with the event participants, we’ll be posting short notices here and on our other social media outlets to keep everyone informed.

A Simpler Name

Strawberry Soccer Header

Every once in a while you just have to change things up a bit. While we think our tournament is great, its name was always a challenge to spill out over the phone. We decided early last year that we needed to simplify things. The great team at Tourney Central has cleaned up the header on our site. You can check it out at StrawberrySoccer.com (and of course if you are inclined, you can always register to play while you are there)

We’re really interested in what you think. Hate it, love it? Let us know what you think here.