On Site Registration – 2017 Strawberry Soccer Invitational

Friday Night Registration will be hosted Friday May 19th between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM. Waco Air Museum, at 1865 S Co Rd 25A in Troy Ohio, will again be the site of our registration activities.

If you plan on registering in person, please go to our Facebook page event and RSVP so we know how many teams will be attending.

As a reminder, you are able to register via email but you must complete that process by May 10th (deadline extended).  If you fail to register via email by that date you must participate in our Friday On Site Registration.

No teams may register Saturday morning. No teams may participate without providing the required registration paperwork.

Registration Instructions

Congratulations on being accepted to play in the 2017 Strawberry Soccer Invitational!

Next step – Get Registered!

All teams are required to complete registration online by May 6th. You must secure explicit permission to participate in the Late Registration event on May 19th if you cannot complete registration by May 6th.


  • Submit ALL (list) documents at one time. Registrations are processed manually. Receiving documents at different times will impact processing times and result in processing errors.
  • Ensure all scanned items are legible. If we can’t read them, we can’t process them.
  • Clearly indicate if a player or coach is on the roster and will NOT be participating (a drawn line through the player or coaches name will suffice).
  • All players listed on the roster (as participating) or as guest players MUST be on the Liability Release document and MUST have player cards (on the field at time of play and scanned for online registration)
  • All coaches MUST have player cards (on the field at time of play and scanned for online registration)

Scan in all items and email to registration@tsfsi.com

Other Notes:

  • All items MUST BE received by the end of day May 6th to complete your registration. If you are unable to complete your registration online, you must request approval to participate in the May 19th on-site registration event.
  • The Tournament Registrar will respond back to you with any questions or confirmation that all of your documents have been accepted. Please allow up to 3 days for processing.
  • Once your roster is submitted and approved by the Registrar, it is frozen for the tournament.
  • Teams with incomplete registration information will not be permitted to participate in the tournament.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you at the Tournament!

Your StrawberrySoccer Team


Registration Checklist

Here is the list of items required for registration:

_____ Official Roster
Your state or league’s seal must appear on the copy. NOTE: before submitting, you MUST strike through any player who appears on the roster but will not be participating.

_____ Guest Player Form – (only required if you have guest players)
USYSA sanctioned teams must provide guest player forms from their association.

_____ Liability Release
All participating players (as indicated on the roster and any guest player forms) must be listed on the Liability Release form.  Parents must sign for players; unless the player is 18 or older (who may sign for themselves).

_____ Player Cards
Player cards must be provided for all participating players (as indicated on the roster and any guest player forms) and ALL participating coaches. Scan both the front and back of all cards.

_____ Travel Permit – (only required if traveling from outside Ohio South)
USYSA sanctioned teams traveling from outside of Ohio South must provide a signed travel permit from your state or national association.