Troy Traffic

The city of Troy recently added a generous bike lane to Adams Street connecting several bike paths that exist within the city.  It’s good for bicyclists – but it will impact your travels if you play in Troy.

Team with games at Archer and Ferguson will be impacted the most.  Those of you turning left out of the Junior High Complex will not enjoy your compatriots leaving Archer Park heading into town.  It may be very challenging to turn left there.  We are encouraging everyone to leverage the ‘power of the right turn’.

Turning right out of the Junior High School, you can:

  1. Two rights on to Adams Street and Foss Way  and then left on North Market Street to go North to Pitsenbarger Park in Piqua
  2. Three rights on to Adams Street, Foss Way and Market Street to go South to both Kyle and Pleasant Hill
  3. Four rights on to Adams Street, Foss Way. Market Street and Staunton/Riverside to go to Duke Park
  4. One right on to Adams Street and then left into Archer Park

The same holds true for those of you departing from Archer Park as well.