I understand:

  • My team meets all the requirements as outlined in the tournament invitation
  • The application above is a COMPLETE and ACCURATE representation of my team’s accomplishments and abilities
  • The tournament reserves the right to accept or reject any team at its discretion
  • Applications are not considered on a first come basis
  • If my team is not accepted into the tournament that I will receive a refund in full
  • Cashing of the check by the tournament submitted with application DOES NOT indicate acceptance
  • I am permitting my e-mail address to be included in tournament related announcements and newsletters

I understand if my team is accepted:

  • I am obligated to either fully register my team by the pre-tournament registration date of May 10 – or receive permission to register Friday night before the tournament.
  • I must ensure a qualified representative is available to register my team on site if I receive permission to register Friday night
  • The entry fee is forfeited If my team is accepted and later withdraws
  • I understand that action and champion photos of my team may be taken and that my team, the players or the parents/guardians of the players have no recourse to compensation or discretion regarding the use of the photos for purposes of promoting the tournament (Privacy and Photo Policy)
  • I understand that inclement weather is a possibility and that such weather may result in the abbreviation or cancellation of tournament games. In the event this may occur, no refunds, full or partial, will be given. Read inclement weather policy
  • I understand that I will receive information regarding my team’s participation in this tournament via email and that I am responsible for informing the tournament of changes to the account provided on this application.

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